About INVRT Festival

Who we are

We are three event organizers who have the same passion for electronic music. We are all from different cultures and backgrounds, but our passion for the music and the industry has brought us together.

We strongly believe that the experience of every event should be unique, so our mission is to bring a lot of different concepts to our events, especially with this new digital era. We think it's about the time to step up and create our own local masterpiece.


Nusountara is a platform showcases the diversity of Indonesia throughout its music, destinations, fashion, cuisines and cultures.

Our vision is to Unhide Places, Unmask People & Unleash Parties. Our mission is to Unhide Destination & local talents, throughout Indonesia. Unmask Local Music, Culture & Communities of the respective destination. Unleash a new breed of parties with a full blast art & music festival.

We are currently focused on a range of divisions such as NST Talks, NST Radio, NST Destinations and NST Room. These selective groups are created to give more exposure for local musicians to be recognized globally.


We are focusing on integrating online solutions to attract your customers such as the following;

Creating a virtual platform to replace all the conventional events, exhibitions, concerts into digital or online. A virtual place where brands and potential targets can interact with each other, resulting in virtual engagements.

Virtual platform provides a rich source of marketing data because each participant can be tracked and evaluated. This helps create a virtual engagement index, which is a variable to measure the quantity and quality of participant interaction.

No Vertical Boundaries

We are No Vertical Boundaries (NVB) - Our love for electronic music has brought us deep into the industry of the nightlife music entertainment since we started 15 years ago as a local event organizer. From small nightclubs to outdoor open space events, we love to bring new ideas to entertain people.

In 2011, as part of our mission to explore and spread into different parts of today’s electronic music industry, we re-invented ourselves as ‘No Vertical Boundaries’ or NVB in short and added to our list of specialties: International DJ booking agency and event promoter management.

We want to create a platform where we can make impactful and meaningful and movement for underground electronic music scene in Indonesia, from Disco, House to Techno. An online and offline platform that can exhibit and provide the people with fun, diversity and never ending excitement of our music scene.